Crystal clear water with optimum energy consumption: Dresden2 meets all the requirements of modern swimming pool filters

The Dresden2 tank

The Dresden2 is the ideal entry-level model for anyone wanting to fulfil their dream of having their own swimming pool. This BEHNCKE filter ensures clean water and low operating costs. So that the pool dream becomes a dream pool.

Facts about production

  • With a large service hatch at the top (220 mm diameter) and an integrated cross nozzle
  • Drain cock with a hose connection, pressure gauge with manual venting
  • No valve set with connection fitting

Required filtration media: high-efficiency glass filter medium, quartz sand for potable water according to DIN EN 12904

Facts about dimensions

The Dresden² tank – technical data
Rise connections [mm] 125
External tank diameter [mm] 750
Filter area [m²] 0.2
Max. pool volume [m³] 40
Pool volume up to 40m³

The Dresden² system

Facts about production

  • Mounted on a sound-absorbing plastic plate, with a self-priming plastic filter and large fibre trap

Facts about the technical equipment

  • Max. operating temperature 40 degrees, max. operating pressure 2.5 bar


Size Height
500 mm diameter 970 mm
600 mm diameter 1050 mm
800 mm diameter 1130 mm