Always one idea ahead

BEHNCKE GmbH: “Always one idea ahead” for over 70 years

Traditionally forward-thinking: BEHNCKE GmbH has been a constant driving force for the consistent advancement of new development since it was founded in 1946. The company is still in family ownership to this day and the third generation continues to manage the legacy of the company founder Hans-Jürgen Behncke.

The claim of being “always one idea ahead” is so much more than “just” a slogan for BEHNCKE GmbH. In fact, it demonstrates the winning formula for its success in Germany and abroad over the decades. Here, we highlight the history of BEHNCKE GmbH.

Behncke in figures

  • Over 70 years on the market
  • Still in family ownership to this day
  • In-house product development
  • Innovative product developments


BEHNCKE is presented with the renowned German Innovation Award in the “Excellence in Business to Business” category. The judging panel gave BEHNCKE GmbH the award for the special design of the B 600 EVO skimmer. Anyone wanting to remain at the forefront of swimming pool technology for decades like BEHNCKE GmbH must always be a driving force in the development of their own business sector. Or as we would say: “Always one idea ahead”


BEHNCKE opens the first Maytronics service centre in Germany, thus offering a unique service: repairing and maintaining pool cleaning robots. No devices leave our premises after a repair without having successfully completed general testing in the test pool.


The company moves into its new corporate / administration building in Putzbrunn and underlines its clear commitment to the location. In the same year, the two companies Behncke GmbH and Behncke Schwimmbad- und Wärmetechnik merge again under new management. The new management trio consists of Stephanie Behncke-Weber, Caroline Behncke-Wild and Markus Weber. The new company bears the name Behncke GmbH.


After Michael Behncke leaves the company due to ill health, Stephanie Behncke-Weber, his eldest daughter, takes over responsibility for the company in its 3rd generation.


Two fundamental changes are made within the company this year taking account of the steady growth over the last few years:

1. The foundation of BEHNCKE GmbH with its headquarters in Putzbrunn
2. The relocation of the company headquarters of BEHNCKE Schwimmbad- und Wärmetechnik GmbH to Bühne (Saxony-Anhalt).


The former premises are converted into an optimally functioning production and logistics centre for GFRP for the efficient production of large filter tanks. As a result of the successful corporate policy, it is necessary to build additional production and warehousing facilities in 1993/94 and 1998/99 so that the Bühne location now has a covered area of approx. 4,500 square metres.


Michael Behncke decides to acquire former agricultural holdings in the new federal states in Bühne in Saxony-Anhalt in order to further expand the GFRP production with more modern production methods.


The idea to produce glass fibre reinforced plastic emerges in Putzbrunn.
In the same year, the traditional steel manufacturing in Putzbrunn undergoes a pioneering expansion with the processing of glass fibre reinforced plastic.


BEHNCKE Schwimmbad- und Wärmetechnik GmbH is founded. To this day, this results in a high synergy of complex product groups to meet the enormous challenges in the area of water treatment and swimming pool technology.


The foundation of BEHNCKE Energiespartechnik by Michael Behncke. Energy-saving water and heating technology in stainless steel with heat exchangers, filter tanks and high-quality swimming pool components. This already constitutes the ambitions of the BEHNCKE management in this segment. With great entrepreneurial vision, Michael Behncke expanded the company’s production output to include the stainless-steel range of products such as heat exchangers, filter tanks and swimming pool components. These stainless-steel parts are still produced today at the same location – in tried and tested quality.


BEHNCKE Elektro-Stahlbau. Founded with energy and optimism by Hans-Jürgen Behncke to coincide with the birth of a new German republic. The creative entrepreneur develops various products to production maturity in a warehouse and manufactures them himself. The very successful product range at the time extends from household appliances and textile machines to camping trailers, oil burners and lowering garages. A mere two years later, the company’s own office building is built in Wernher–von–Braun-Straße in Putzbrunn, followed shortly after by two new production halls.