MatchPools Mini

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Matchpool 23

2.35 x 5.20 x 1.44 m
Colour: Light grey

Matchpool 28

2.85 x 6.00 x 1.44 m
Colour: Light grey

Material properties

Seven layers – one unit

The pool bodies of these prefabricated swimming pools consist of seven layers of material, each of which has a special function.

Insulation saves energy and protects your budget

  • Insulating layer made of rigid polyurethane foam.
  • k-value 0.3 W / m2 k. (for comparison: triple insulating glass = 0.45 W / m2 k).

Resistance to osmosis due to epoxy acrylate

  • Robust carrier layer made of high-strength interwoven fibre matting.
  • Chemical resistant fibreglass.
  • Fibreglass fine layer as a base layer.
  • Ceramic coupling layer to form a homogeneous and permanent structure. All layers are embedded in highly resistant epoxy acrylate.

Colour-fast, easy care, skin-friendly

  • 1. Duracolor 90 HD. The synthetic high-density paint carrier layer for heavy-duty swimming pool surfaces.
  • 2. Fine cellular layer to minimize fibre patterning on the high-gloss surface. Makes the pool noticeably smoother


  • Backup material as “last layer” and finishing layer
  • Integrated steel rectangular tubes and standing step.
  • Provides maximum stability.

The material properties
Seven layers – one unit.

The hard foam insulation in the floor (only foam strips in the wall) is made of a complex epoxy-acrylate laminate with 7 layers and ceramic cores as well as steel inserts. This construction makes the MatchPool extremely dimensionally stable and frost-proof. In the backfill area, all mounting parts are made of sturdy stainless steel.


The mounting parts package is assembled at the factory!


Correct selection of the quantity, size and the best position of the inlet nozzles for the pool ensures optimal flow and is therefore an important factor in pool water treatment.


Cleans the water surface and thus ensures optimal water circulation and perfect water quality in the pool. Foreign bodies, such as leaves, are securely collected in a large sieve.

EVA RX (Eco) 6500,

The economical LEDs from EVA Optic. These have a manufacturer’s guarantee of 4 years and can be used for any pool size.


Smart 4/6

The compact and high-quality GRP service shaft enables the quick and easy installation of the most important technology components for every kind of mini pool up to a volume of approx. 20 sqm.

All components such as filters, pumps, valves and measurement and control technology are delivered fully assembled, thus ensuring easy final assembly with the pool components.

If an optional jet system is installed, this can also be integrated in the service shaft.

Optional accessories

JET SYSTEM (installation kit + jet system + pump)

Everything from leisurely paddling to an energetic, freestyle workout. The swim current system makes all of this possible, without having to turn at the end of the pool. Two rotary handles allow you to adjust the current flow and the air admixture individually to suit your personal massage or fitness experience.

BASIC 90, 230 V

The solid technology integrated in the high-quality stainless-steel housing ensures a comfortable extension of the pool season from spring through to autumn. The integrated digital control system enables fully automatic heating and cooling of your pool. P1 = 1.5 kW to 30 m2 pool volume.

light grey

Isola insulating multilayer film with Rondalino manual roll-up unit and sun protection cover. Cover floats on the water, in triple-layer design.

  • Top layer: made of fabric-reinforced PE film
  • Middle layer: cross-linked PE foam in pyramid format
  • Lower layer: Special film resistant to chemicals and microbes