Combining function and design


Our skimmers made in Germany impress not only with their function but also their design and longevity from the use of high quality AISI 316 stainless steel as a raw material. The skimmer cleans the water surface, and with the floor drains, ensures ideal water circulation and perfect water quality in the pool. A large size strainer reliably catches dirt particles such as leaves, making skimmers an enormously important component of pool water treatment.

BEHNCKE offers compact models for small or cost-efficient pools, exclusive models with an integrated front slide-in strainer basket for comfortable pools and skimmers with extended installation depths for wide pool rims. If the pool owner wants a high water level near the overflow pool, BEHNCKE’s B500 Ultimate sets new standards for skimmers.


B050 / B075


The dwarf for small pools.
Thanks to its small and compact design, they are ideal for the smallest pools with their own volume flow.

B100 / B200


Practical function with attractive pricing.
These skimmers have a simple and compact design, making them particularly suitable for small and cost-efficient pools.

B280 / B300 / B500 EVO / B600 EVO


Front slide-in unit for a flawless pool border.
With its large skimming opening and exclusive design, this skimmer is used especially in comfortable pools. Its integrated front slide-in strainer basket eliminates the need for a service opening in the pool border.



The ideal solution for wide pool rims.
This skimmer is 30cm longer. It has an additional water chamber with a
weld-in holder for installing a water level regulator.

B500 Slim / B600 Slim / B500 Ultimate


New benchmark for water levels.
B500 Slim and B600 Slim enable high water levels in the pool. B500 Ultimate sets a new standard for water levels. The result? A water line that is very close to the overflow pool at maximum circulation output.

Technical details

Type Skimmer type Flow rate
Connection size
Skimming width
Skimming height
Max. water level
B050 Small pools 2 – 3 m3/h 1 1/2“ 116 mm 71 mm 50 mm
B075 Small pools 5 – 6 m3/h 2“ 150 mm 142 mm 80 mm
B100 Standard 8 – 12 m3/h 2“ 200 mm 142 mm 100 mm
B200 Standard 10 – 15 m3/h 2“ 200 mm 142 mm 100 mm
B280 With slide-in unit 6 – 10 m3/h 1 1/2“ 200 mm 145 mm 85 mm
B300 With slide-in unit 12 – 20 m3/h 2“ 300 mm 217 mm 100 mm
B500 EVO With slide-in unit 8 – 15 m3/h 2“ 454 mm 285 mm 55 mm
B600 EVO With slide-in unit 13 – 25 m3/h 2“ 665 mm 85 mm 55 mm
B400 Extended installation depth 10 – 15 m3/h 2“ 200 mm 145 mm 100 mm
B500 Slim High water level 8 – 15 m3/h 2“ 454 mm 85 mm 55 mm
B600 Slim With slide-in unit 13 – 25 m3/h 2“ 665 mm 85 mm 55 mm
B500 Ultimate High water level 7 – 14 m3/h 2“ 454 mm 85 mm 30 mm