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Brilliant, crystal-clear water – that’s what every pool owner wants to find in their pool. Flawless functional reliability of the filter system is the prerequisite for perfect water quality. Therefore AFM or sand filters require regular and sufficient backwashing to remove the dirt from the filter.

Our automatic backwash valve

Besgo takes on this task. This ensures that backwashing is carried out sufficiently often and above all for a sufficient length of time.

Energy efficiency

We provide opportunities to save energy, respectively. to increase energy efficiency in the swimming pool area.

About Dryden Aqua
Dryden Aqua is one of the largest manufacturers of glass filtration media, specialising in water quality and innovative treatment technology. The activated filter medium AFM® is independently tested and checked to double the performance of sand filters. AFM® offers crystal-clear water and a hygienic, sustainable swimming pool environment with low operating costs.

Dryden Aqua’s mission
The mission of Dryden Aqua is to provide solutions that will have a positive impact on the environment in our ecosystem. We help to make this world a better place – a non-toxic environment for all.

EVA Optic: a specialist in LED lighting and experience products for swimming pools, water parks and indoor sports centres.
EVA Optic stands for innovation in the world of swimming pools. We develop our products from the point of view of the user without being restricted by the trends followed by other market players. We are constantly exploring new technologies and pushing ourselves to the limits to discover what is possible). Then we incorporate our findings into our production methods. (…)

A good example of this is 3D printing, a technology that offers us amazing creative possibilities for product design, prototyping and even for the production process.

This is one of the reasons why we find new ways to help people to have even more fun while swimming and doing sport. EVA innovations provide the ultimate sporting and wellness experiences. We offer safe, sustainable and high-quality products to allow you to enjoy carefree moments of comfort, fun and sporting achievements for many years. Our ultimate goal? To design and create the best and most reliable experience products for demanding swimming and sporting environments. We do this without forgetting about our planet. We have a CO2-neutral production process for the manufacture of energy-efficient, sustainable products. These also contain recyclable components and produce as little waste as possible at the end of the product service life.

Welcome to HKR Technik GmbH, your specialist for swimming pool heat pumps and heating solutions. Working together with our partners, the certified swimming pool contractors, we offer you heating solutions with energy-efficient technology. With many years of experience in heating, cooling and electrical technology, our team has been successfully serving our customers at a high level for many years – from advice and planning to the commissioning and maintenance of our heat pump systems. Our roots are in the craft trade. Thanks to many years of practical experience, we know what counts.

Maytronics is the global leader in swimming pool cleaning robots. We lead the way in terms of market share and innovation. We focus exclusively on helping swimming pool owners to get the most enjoyment out of their swimming pool by offering them the most powerful and easy-to-use swimming pool cleaning solutions. We have been doing pioneering work in the area of swimming pool cleaning robots for more than 30 years and swimming pool cleaning robots are still our whole world. Maytronics now offers the widest range of solutions offered by a single company. There is a dolphin robot for any type of swimming pool – from small above-ground swimming pools and in-ground private pools to the largest public and municipal swimming pools in any form. In addition, Maytronics can draw on its unrivalled knowledge and expertise to offer swimming pool owners added value with the help of a growing range of other related products.

The ProMinent Group develops and produces components and systems for the metering of liquids as well as solutions for water treatment and water disinfection.

Our commitment: “Ready for you. Anytime, anywhere”

We consciously endorse environmentally friendly, sustainable and efficient solutions in metering technology and water treatment with passion and commitment. We work day in day out in our worldwide sales and service companies to provide our customers with a fast and reliable service for every product, “anytime” and “anywhere” because the leading position of the ProMinent Group on the world market motivates us to achieve continuous excellence and compels us to think and act responsibly at the same time.

UMEX GmbH, with its headquarters in Kirchheim in Thuringia, has been your premium partner for devices and solutions for water, air and surfaces for more than 26 years. ABOX® devices, machines and systems equipped with ultraviolet lamps are used for UV disinfection, sterilisation and UV oxidation. The product range includes standardised, certified and UV combination systems with the registered trademark ABOX®.