Biological instead of chemical

Traditional water treatment tries to prevent the spread of pathogens by using increasing amounts of or increasingly strong disinfectants. However, the spread of pathogens is a biological problem and therefore needs biological solutions. Instead of using even more or even stronger disinfectants, our partner (Dryden Aqua) is working with us to design a swimming pool system where pathogens cannot spread in the first place: prevention instead of killing!


Thanks to our bio-resistant filter material AFM®, bacteria have no basis on which to develop.


With perfected coagulation, flocculation and AFM® filtration, we deprive bacteria of their food and stop them from growing.


DAISY® filters the maximum amount of substances to reduce chlorine requirements to the absolute minimum. The less chlorine that is used, the fewer hazardous disinfection by-products (DBPs) can form.


consists of three integrated steps:

AFM® stands for Activated Filter Material; it is a revolutionary filter material made from green glass and has been developed by Dr Howard Dryden. AFM® can filter 30–50% more organic substances from pool water than quartz or glass sand. AFM® also possesses catalytic and oxidising properties to protect it from bacterial colonisation. With AFM®, no biofilm can form in the filter bed. This means no harmful trichloramine, no smell of chlorine, lower chlorine consumption and virtually no pathogens such as legionella. AFM® produces hygienic air and crystal-clear water.

AFM® is successfully used worldwide in more than 100,000 public and private swimming pools.

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AFM® can achieve a nominal filter fineness of 4 micron at a filtration speed of 20 m/h. Using additional optimised coagulation and flocculation from APF® (All Poly Floc) and ZPM (Zeta Potential Mixer), you will undercut your nominal filter sharpness of 0.1 micron since ZPM in particular generates a turbulent environment, improving the mixing of chemicals with swimming pool water. This will also filter a large amount of dissolved substances. They make up approx. 80% of your chlorine requirements.

Lower chlorine consumption also means fewer disinfection by-products (DBPs).

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Certain pathogens and biofilm-protected bacteria colonies are highly resistant to chlorine. ACO® is used as an oxidation catalyst and a chlorine stabiliser in open-air swimming pools, significantly increasing the sun’s natural disinfection properties and protecting chlorine from photo-oxidation.

You can dose it by pump or manually.

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Dryden Aqua Generator

What is DA-GEN?

DA-GEN is an innovative disinfectant solution for your swimming pool. It is a hydrolysis process that uses state-of-the-art oxidation technology to produce free radicals and small amounts of chlorine. It also acts as your complete swimming pool control unit. The free radicals serve as the primary oxidising agent. The chlorine is only used for residual disinfection in the pool. We operate the system with a small amount of salt (3 – 5 times less than a salt water pool) because the lower the salinity is, the more free radicals and the less chlorine are produced. This technology works only in combination with Dryden DAISY® and produces drinking quality water!

Your advantages at a glance

  • Best oxidation with free radicals
  • Safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly disinfection

  • Very low chlorine content – low risk of corrosion

  • Fully automatic water treatment control and remote access with a built-in WiFi module

  • Hygienic and attractive water thanks to our activator based on magnesium chloride

  • Completes the Dryden DAISY® with a disinfection stage