Behncke GmbH optimizes service for the specialist trade and thereby also for the end customer. We have expanded our after sales department with a well-trained team of service engineers. These specialists ensure optimal service at the end customer’s site and thus support our specialist retail partners — because even the best products need professional support. This is something we owe our customers.

The BEHNCKE service program

  • Commissioning of new systems
  • Servicing existing swimming pool facilities
  • Commissioning / decommissioning of seasonal pools

  • Renovation / repair work on existing systems
  • Support of new construction through assembly aids
  • Advice on renovation and remodelling
  • Consulting on the energetic operation of swimming pools
  • Advice on water treatment optimisation for swimming pools


If you would like to arrange a service or maintenance appointment, you can also reach us in the office under
phone: +49 (0)89 456917 – 57.

Thorsten Schäfer
Thorsten SchäferService technician area north
Phone: +49 (0)171 9508235