Cutting-edge production tradition for swimming pools – made in Germany

BEHNCKE GmbH has been a firmly established player in the swimming pool sector for several decades. And the company has held several relevant patents in this business sector from the very beginning. The family-owned company based in Putzbrunn is now in its third generation and its products are produced exclusively in Germany by around one hundred employees. The production in Putzbrunn near Munich focuses on the precision machining of high-quality stainless steel components for swimming pools.

In addition, the Bavarian colleagues work constantly on the further development and production of BEHNCKE swimming pool control units. The plant in Bühne in Saxony-Anhalt produces filter tanks and systems made of glass fibre reinforced plastic for crystal clear bathing water.


Whether an all-rounder, a space saver or tailor-made for large-scale use on a daily basis: our BEHNCKE filters specifically meet your requirements in terms of energy efficiency, service performance and quick return on investment.


Heating a swimming pool and maintaining low operating costs at the same time? BEHNCKE makes this possible: whether a solar solution, heat exchange or pump: we are guaranteed to have the right product for your swimming pool.

Pool cleaning

Meticulous cleaning in a pool is a must. Fortunately, there’s help. BEHNCKE has numerous Dolphins Maytronics pool cleaning robots in its product range. Here, you can find out which is the right one for you.

Integrated Parts

A real design statement and extremely resistant: the BEHNCKE integrated parts made of high-quality stainless steel are ideal for any pool. All stainless steel integrated parts are produced in BEHNCKE’s own stainless steel facility.


Be your own pool manager with BEHNCKE! Whether measuring, regulating, metering or controlling: we have the right devices for optimum efficiency, low maintenance requirements and the best possible hygiene.

Our Film

The magic of water

Water is the most precious resource on our planet. Pool owners are therefore the happiest people in the world because they have a nicely designed pool full of this very element at their disposal. Discover the magic of water and its many possibilities with BEHNCKE.

Public swimming pools

Whether a hotel swimming pool, public facility or water attractions in a leisure park: everything must run smoothly in large facilities open to the public. And for that you need a completely reliable partner like BEHNCKE GmbH. High-quality swimming pool components have borne the name BEHNCKE for over forty years. Many decision-makers know and appreciate this and more and more people are coming on board.

Private Pools

BEHNCKE GmbH will transform your pool into something special. Crystal clear water, elegant design elements and completely reliable, high-precision technology make any pool owner happy. That’s because anyone choosing their own swimming pool deserves only the best swimming pool components.

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The contact for swimming pool professionals

You are working in the commercial swimming pool sector? Find the right BEHNCKE sales contact for you here. We are happy to help!