Maytronics service centre

Sit back and enjoy your pool, the cleaning robot does the work for you and takes care of the pool maintenance. The little helpers clean the pool floor and, depending on the model, also the walls of your pool.

With Maytronics from Israel, BEHNCKE has been able to win over one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the field of pool cleaning robots as a strong partner. Today, BEHNCKE GmbH is the distributor of Maytronics in Germany, markets Maytronics products and also provides support for the cleaners at its service centre in Putzbrunn.

Maytronics Center – Service First Class
We receive Maytronics cleaners from all over Germany for maintenance and repair.
All cleaners are hooked up to a special analyzer by our trained service technicians. Here, the complete readout of the cleaner (operating hours, cycle times, premature programme aborts) as well as a first electronic analysis regarding the motor box and the transformer is carried out.

All wearing parts are checked manually by a technician to see if they are still within the permissible standard. In case of excessive wear, the customer is advised to replace the worn parts in order to restore a perfect cleaning result.

Each customer will be informed about the condition of his cleaner and will receive a service estimate after inspection. Once the cleaner has been approved for service, it is tested in our in-house tanks before being returned to the customer.

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Jennifer Brady
Jennifer BradyCustomer Support – South
Sabine Thunn
Sabine ThunnCustomer Support – North