Maytronics service centre

BEHNCKE GmbH has been a German sales partner of the Israeli company Maytronics for many years. Faulty pool cleaners are repaired, maintained and sent back to the pool owners from Putzbrunn near Munich. The Maytronics service centre has been around now for 7 years and is so far the only service centre in Germany.

The Maytronics service centre is located in Munich-Putzbrunn on an area of 800 square metres. At the first workstation, the goods receipt area, for example, a pool cleaner that has been sent in is registered and passed on to other stations, in this case to one of the repair stations. There, the service colleagues accept the device, repair it and put it through a thorough final check in one of the 5 test pools at the centre.

The Maytronics service centre stands for top quality standards. In addition, we are establishing our position as a competent service contact who reacts quickly and comprehensively and relatively effortlessly to questions and problems related to pool cleaning robots.


Jennifer Brady
Jennifer BradyCustomer Support – South
Sabine Thunn
Sabine ThunnCustomer Support – North