With BEHNCKE measurement and control technology


BEHNCKE measurement and control technology is designed to ensure undiluted pool fun. After all, carefree exercise in water is one of life’s greatest pleasures! The perfect swimming pool water requires maximum treatment efficiency.

BEHNCKE Splash Control

The BEHNCKE Splash Control measurement and control unit is a pre-assembled, ready to connect compact system used for the treatment of water in private swimming pools. It is equipped with two metering peristaltic pumps. The measured variables are the pH value and the redox potential.

It is user-friendly to ensure optimum results.

The pumps are installed directly on the housing to save space. The following accessories are included:

  • Probes PHES/RHES

  • Metering pumps 0.8 l/h

  • Suction lances

  • Metering hose 10 x 4

  • Throughput encoder module with metering water filter and flow control

  • 2 x injection valves 1/2” / 10 x 4

  • 2 x shut-off valves on the filter 1/2” / 8 x 5

  • 8 x 5 metering water line PE Splash Control based on the tried and tested DSR controller.

  • Large, easy-to-read, illuminated display for displaying the measurements and parametrisation / configuration

  • Plain text user guidance in 8 selectable languages

  • 2 digital inputs for pause, metering water errors or level sensor switch-off

  • Two power control outputs for controlling the metering pumps through pulse width modulation (direct regulation of the operating voltage)

  • Control characteristics: proportional control for both measured variables

  • A control direction (raise or lower the measurement, definable) RC protective circuit to protect the power relays when connecting inductive loads, e.g. motor-driven metering pumps