Top performance and energy efficiency for private pools

The Bühne² tank

All BEHNCKE filters are produced in Bühne in Saxony-Anhalt. So it was only logical to name a special filter after our competence centre. The Bühne2 combines all the premium properties of a swimming pool filter – including internal sealing, which is actually only mandatory in the public sector.

Facts about production

  • Made of glass fibre reinforced polyester resin with internal sealing
  • With a large lateral service hatch, thanks to a narrow tank foot with a construction height of just 1.25 m, which is unparalleled in this class

Required filtration media: High-efficiency glass filter medium

Facts about dimensions

Bühne² tank – technical data
Size x height Ø 500 x 1120 mm Ø 600 x 1130 mm
Connection* D50 D50
Filter area 0,20 m² 0,28 m²

*Connection fitting supplied with adhesive sleeves

The Bühne² – system

Facts about production

  • Mounted on a sound absorbing plastic plate, with a self-priming filter pump and pre-filter
  • Equipped with a cross nozzle, pressure gauge, drain cock and GARDENA® hose coupling
  • 6-way backwash valve, optionally also a rod valve

Facts about the technical equipment

  • Max. operating temperature 40 C°, max. operating pressure 2.5 bar


Size Height
Ø 500 mm diameter 1120 mm
Ø 600 mm diameter 1130 mm