We believe that companies have a social commitment and therefore BEHNCKE GmbH donates to a good cause each year instead of sending Christmas gifts. The donations are made each year at Christmas time to selected institutions that do something positive in the immediate vicinity to the BEHNCKE headquarters in Putzbrunn. Here, we would like to introduce selected institutions and call on you to support them as well.

The Clemens-Maria children’s home (Clemens-Maria-Kinderheim) has been in Putzbrunn for a long time and is an integral part of the town. The facility offers a variety of supportive approaches for children and young people of all ages and with different needs.

The Schneekristalle Foundation (Stiftung Schneekristalle) is dedicated to the goal of providing enjoyment to physically and socially disadvantaged children through sports activities all year round. The former professional skier and founder Michaela Gerg is committed to teaching children values such as fairness and team spirit through sports activities.

The Ottobrunn food bank (Tafel Ottobrunn) receives support because it alleviates economic hardship and also strives to tackle the waste of resources.
Anyone thinking that BEHNCKE’s commitment is restricted to Christmas time is wrong. We have also been supporting interesting and important projects in Putzbrunn during the year. For example, Tom Lamest and his commitment to the Munich Children’s Hospice Foundation (Stiftung Ambulantes Kinderhospiz München). As a father of two children, it very important for him to support this facility. And we are happy to help him.