Family K. from Grünwald

"With our own pool we wanted to give our children clean and healthy pool fun in our garden at home, and we chose BEHNCKE. The result has won us over. The DAISY system really does ensure crystal clear water."

In keeping with this architect designed villa, the pool was integrated into the existing pond.

A magnificent combination of nature and modern pool technology that allows bathers to enjoy swimming in clean water whilst in a natural atmosphere.

To achieve this, a filter for water treatment from the "Berlin" range was installed that provides crystal-clear water in the premium private sector.

As the head of the household and father did not want to make any compromises when it came to water Treatment, the DAISY System is being used. For this reason, AFM was chosen as the filter material. In addition, APF is used as a flocculant and for phosphate reduction for healthy, clean pool fun for everyone from large to small. 

BEHNCKE technology used:

Water preparation:

Stainless steel components:

Swimming pool control:

Pool cleaning:

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