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DA-SY – Healthy water using a biological approach

In addition to physical filtration, chemical disinfection plays the second key role in water treatment.

We follow the approach of marine biologist Howard Dryden who uses biological products. The aim of this approach is to avoid harmful chlorine side effects. We hold the exclusive sales rights to this revolutionary system in Germany.


What does Da-sy stand for?

Successfull, tried and tested system.

DA-SY stands for Dryden Aqua Integrated System and was developed by marine biologist Dr. Howard Dryden. The system is now in use worldwide in over 100,000 swimming pools as well as in drinking water treatment in developing countries. It consists of several components designed to work together seamlessly.

Minimising the chlorine requirement to the lowest possible level.

Using all components in the DA-SY system, the requirement for chlorine and chlorine-free products can be drastically reduced.

Crystal-clear and healthy water without bacteria and harmful disinfection side-effects.

Prevention - rather than reaction. The approach of DA-SY is that bacteria and pathogens are prevented right from the start, instead of eliminating them with the massive use of chemical disinfection products.

Proven efficacy by renowned French test lab IFTS.

In a test comparison of various different filter materials, such as sand, EGFM, Vitrosphere, it has been shown AFM® achieves by far the best results in terms of filtration sharpness, flushing efficiency and differential pressure rise.


AFM® as a filter material is the heart of the system.

The other components of DA-SY for coagulation, flocculation and precipitation of phosphates are used for support and guarantee an excellent water treatment system. Given below is a diagram showing all the components of DA-SY. Our customer advisers would be pleased to help with this topic.

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