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Smart ACTIVE Cleaner robot

Maytronics Products - Pool cleaning of the highest standard. Even with just the basic model.

In the field of automated pool cleaners, Maytronics products are regarded as some of the most advanced robots in the world. Thanks to a successful synthesis of high quality workmanship, intelligent technology and practical compatibility in application, new standards are being set here in automated pool cleaning.

Small, fast, affordable, powerful - the Smart ACTIVE Cleaner. Simple to operate, really easy to maintain

Even as an entry-level model in automated pool cleaning, the Smart Active Cleaner currently represents the standard in the latest cleaning technology. A complete innovation in this class is the stunning user-friendliness and maintenance. Two sufficiently large service flaps, that importantly are accessible from above, permit easy access to the complete filter register.

The Smart Cleaner is specially designed for private pools with a maximum length of 8 metres. A key feature is the robot's outstanding cleaning and brushing performance, particularly with corners, and its high and effective filtering performance.

With modular self-diagnostics. Standalone and efficient. This turns pool cleaning into leisure.

Smart ACTIVE Cleaner – the robot with self-diagnostics cleans thoroughly the entire floor area of the pool in a surprisingly short time. This is made possible through the use of innovative modular technology. This means that even the most inaccessible floor areas can be optimally sensed.

The benefits of the Smart ACTIVE Cleaner:

  • Scrubs, vacuums and filters the pool in just 3 hours
  • Extra powerful brushing performance
  • Separate filter register collects dirt and debris thoroughly
  • Thanks to the large surface area of the filter, even the finest particles are removed from the water
  • Autonomous unit - no pre-installation needed, no connection to pool systems
  • Self-programming for optimal pool scanning
  • Small, light and easy to handle
  • DIY (do-it-yourself) - simplest possible maintenance thanks to filter register accessible from above
  • Equipped with high-quality PVC brushes
  • 24 month warranty

Support made in Germany - with BEHNCKE.

A dedicated service centre that responds rapidly, simply and cost-effectively to customer needs is the indispensable requirement for sustainable sales of these units. The new Maytronics Service Centre at BEHNCKE in Putzbrunn, just outside Munich, was commissioned in January 2012 to meet this high level of commitment.

Covering an area of 800 m2, both new units and all the relevant spare parts are stored and dispatched. For example, repaired units only leave the service centre following an indepth final inspection followed by a test run in a specially installed test pool. This means that both end customers and dealers are guaranteed optimal and competent service for these high-quality Maytronics products.

Find out more about the cleaning robot in our product data sheet:



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