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Deluxe ACTIVE and Liberty ACTIVE Cleaner robots

Maytronics products - Pool cleaning of the highest standard. Especially in the premium class.

In the field of automated pool cleaners, Maytronics products are regarded as some of the most advanced robots in the world. Thanks to the successful synthesis of high quality workmanship, intelligent technology and practical compatibility in application, new standards are being set here. Continuous technical development fulfils the company's claim to be able to meet the most specialised of requirements.

Deluxe ACTIVE Cleaner - the power of intelligent cleaning. System technology at the highest level

The Deluxe ACTIVE Cleaner represents the absolute top model in the ACTIVE range, suitable for pools up to 12 m in length. Innovative software that generates a highly sensitive scan grid enables the complete recording of the floor, walls and waterline even with the most challenging pool shapes.

The standard remote control (wireless) can be used to set custom cleaning parameters and programmes and easily adjusted. This means that custom cycle times (1.5/2.5/3.5 hours) can be programmed to manoeuvre the robot effectively in hard to reach areas.

Equipped with 2 large service flaps that allow access from above to the 2-level filter register, the Deluxe ACTIVE Cleaner also has an indicator light showing when the filter capacity is reached. Or when an operation delay occurs. Fitted with useful accessories such as the standard caddy for convenient transport or even the power supply (power supply unit in the idle state), this cleaning system sets new standards in the field of automated pool cleaning.

The advantages of the Deluxe ACTIVE Cleaner:

• Innovative "Active Brushing" 3-way brush system made from high quality PVC removes algae and bacteria, simultaneously reducing the use of chemicals.
• 3 brush variants for individual surface requirements with pool floors and walls.
• Patented swivel pivot provides effective prevention of tangled cables
• Ultra-modern, intelligent scanning program optimises the scanning of the entire pool
• Wireless remote control, choice between manual (joystick) and automatic operation
• A range of cleaning programmes and parameters are set via remote control, including: cycle time, pool length, intervals, ultraclean, pool laps and waterline
• 2-level filter register (fine/coarse)
• DIY (do-it-yourself) - easy maintenance
• Patented capacity indicator for the filter register
• Incl. caddy (with optional power supply)
• 36 month warranty

Dolphin Liberty ACTIVE. Unlimited cleaning freedom without restrictive cabling

Identical in appearance to the Deluxe ACTIVE Cleaner, this cleaning robot offers a unique benefit: Cable-free operation via the standalone power supply with an integrated battery unit that can provide a cycle length of up to 3 hours. This makes this model suitable for special applications such as architecturally complex pool shapes without the restriction of cable length.

Support made in Germany - with BEHNCKE.

A dedicated service centre that responds rapidly, simply and cost-effectively to customer needs is the indispensable requirement for sustainable sales of these units. Covering an area of 800 m2, both new units and all the relevant spare parts are stored and dispatched. For example, repaired units only leave the service centre following an indepth final inspection followed by a test run in a specially installed test pool. This means that both end customers and dealers are provided with optimal and competent service for these high-quality Maytronics products.

Find out more about the cleaning robot in our product data sheet:



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