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Comfort ACTIVE Cleaner robot

Maytronics products - Pool cleaning of the highest standard. Including the mid-range.

In the field of automated pool cleaners, Maytronics products are regarded as some of the most advanced robots in the world. Thanks to a successful synthesis of high quality workmanship, intelligent technology and practical compatibility in application, new standards are being set here in automated pool cleaning.

Comfort ACTIVE Cleaner - Cleaning technology with diagnostic system. Turning pool cleaning into leisure.

Ideal for private pools up max. 12 metres in length, this stylishly shaped cleaning robot covers all areas of the pool, including the floor, walls and waterline. The self-programming software automatically calculates the most effective cleaning path for the dimensions of your pool. Even with sophisticated pool shapes. In conjunction with the innovative 3-way brush system made from high quality PVC material and the 2-level filter register, this guarantees crystal-clear water and a pool free of residues. Designed for the simplest and thus time-saving maintenance, the Comfort ACTIVE Cleaner with two large service flaps, that importantly are accessible from above, permit easy access to the washable filter register. With a highly efficient pumping capacity of 17m3/h, the Comfort ACTIVE cleaner filters the water and also distributes the water treatment agent in the entire pool. Even in places the pool flow would potentially not reach.

The advantages of the Comfort ACTIVE Cleaner:

  • • Innovative "Active Brushing" 3-way brush system ensures safe and pure water quality efficiently and reliably.
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning process with reduced chemical use.
  • Specially developed software automatically calculates the best route according to the dimensions and the shape of the pool
  • Self-diagnostic system, controlled by microprocessors
  • 2-level filter register (coarse/fine) collects dirt, deposits and even dust particles
  • Effortlessly cleans, vacuums and filters the entire pool floor, the pool walls and even the waterline
  • Equipped with trolley (caddy) for safe transportation, convenient handling and storage
  • Available with three different brushes
  • DIY (do-it-yourself) - easy maintenance
  • Attractive price/performance ratio at a high level of quality
  • 36 month warranty

Support made in Germany - with BEHNCKE. 

A dedicated service centre that responds rapidly, simply and cost-effectively to customer needs is the indispensable requirement for sustainable sales of these units.

Covering an area of 800 m2, both new equipment and all relevant spare parts are stored and dispatched. For example, repaired units equipment only leave the service centre following an indepth final inspection followed by a test run in a specially installed test pool. 

Find out more about the cleaning robot in our product data sheet:



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