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BEHNCKE 2.0 Profi Control swimming pool control


The dialogue of the future.
Anywhere in the world. The new BEHNCKE 2.0 Profi Control.

When applications are becoming ever more complex, they must be as simple and automatic as possible to use with digital controls but also customised as much as possible.

In the field of Swimming pool control this means: Clear and simple dialogues for the user, effective and flexible regardless of the user's location. The challenge for developers is to implement extremely complex processes and monitors with systematically intelligent and above all reliable parameters. For constant natural and safe air and water quality.

Top-class swimming pool controls.
BEHNCKE 2.0 Profi Control - one of the most innovative controls for professional requirements.

The work has paid off. The developers took the time when continuing the development of the proven BEHNCKE Control 1.2 swimming pool control to achieve more than simply an application of the internal values to a new upgrade. The design of the external application functions has also been completely revised.

The stationary control unit (7" touch display) now has a self-explanatory dialogue function, and two panels can be optionally installed.

A specially developed app (IOS-compatible for iPad or iPhone) is available to enable control and monitoring of the swimming-pool area from anywhere in the home by LAN or WLAN-connection. All software updates are downloaded automatically on line with this app. Interfaces for integrating the system into a digital home controller are also available.

Mobile Support.
Available worldwide at any time of day or night.
With alarm function for emergencies. Relaxation starts in the head.

All monitoring parameters of the system can be accessed anywhere in the world at any time via an intelligent remote portal. When configured appropriately, a fault message can be sent to the user and also to the support facility, if necessary.

BEHNCKE 2.0 Profi Control. Unbeatable range of options. Intelligent and efficient. For a high level of customised requirements.

The BEHNKE 2.0 Profi Control offers a significantly wider range of monitoring and control parameters compared to comparable competitors' systems.

An integrated solar control for collectors or absorbers is available for environmentally compatible energy consumption. The VLC® System (Visual Level Control), developed by BEHNCKE engineers, is another outstanding feature. The overflow collector tank is actively monitored by visual display (panel). A fully automatic level control regulates the skimmer function. The system configures itself automatically from skimmer to channel mode depending on the pool type.

Up to three light or water features (e.g. neck wave, lighting effects, floor geyser) can be programmed. A fluvo or UWE counterflow system can be adjusted to the personal requirements of the user with a memory setting.

And of course the basic integrated parameters such as actuation of the filter system, filter pumps (230 and 400 V frequency-controlled), backflush valves and the heating system, are designed for the customised functions. Safety-relevant dialogue functions are also included, such as operation of the swimming-pool cover. Two operating modes are available for energy-efficient operation: eco mode and holiday mode.

BEHNCKE 2.0 Profi Control.
Intelligent details, reliable operation, full monitoring. Also designed for use in public pools.

The intelligent technology of the BEHNCKE 2.0 Profi Control also makes this system ideal for professional applications in public areas (hotels and wellness fields). All essential operating information such as redox, chlorine, pH, humidity, temperature etc. can be reliably read out and monitored. The system can of course also be operated off-site with the appropriate apps on a tablet or smart phone.

aqua Vision® from BEHNCKE.
This means the use of intelligence to replace work. The new meaning of pool automation.

aqua Vision® from BEHNCKE is a new type of revolutionary pool management system. Comprehensive planning, high-quality assembly and intelligent design of the various components make aqua vision® uniquely efficient.

The new BEHNCKE 2.0 Profi Control can be integrated into this innovative system without difficulty and results in significantly reduced energy costs, minimum addition of chemicals but still offering consistent water quality and particularly air quality.

Find out more about the BEHNCKE 2.0 Profi Control swimming pool control in our product data sheet:



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