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BEHNCKE Control swimming pool control

Swimming pool control unit with innovative oline funcionality.

The innovative, microprocessor-controlled BEHNCKE Control 1.2 swimming pool control unit is equipped with a functional user interface in the form of a large digital display. Thanks to its online functionality and water sensor, it meets all the requirements of private swimming pool technology applications. It is compatible with both 230 V and 400 V connections.

The BEHNCKE Control 1.2 offers a whole host of programming options, and its exceptionally clear and user-friendly help menu also make it a winning choice.
Even more convenience thanks to new online design features.

Even more convenience thanks to new online design features.

The BEHNCKE Control 1.2 comes with professional control concepts - either directly on the device or using the all-new and highly convenient online customer interface. Use your personal login details to access the protected customer area, where you can view, control and edit every function and application.

BEHNCKE Control 1.2: Intelligent solutins for individual requirements.

Not only is it possible to connect an external frequency converter, but now a pump can even be connected to the frequency converter. What's more, it is possible to connect metering pumps (flocculation, ACO, APF, NoPhos), with randomly programmable pulses or time-based control. 

BEHNCKE Control 1.2 is currently available with programs fully in three different languages: English, German and French. Other language versions are in development.

BEHNCKE Control 1.2 Features exvery vital contro option, including:

  • Filter pump for 400 V or 230 V, max. 8 A or frequency-controlled pump 230 V
  • Metering system, 230 V, locked via filter pump
  • UV lamp, 230 V, locked via filter pump
  • Solar 230 V actuator (solar)
  • 230 V rod-type valve (backflushing)
  • 230 V rod-type valve (clear flushing) or randomly programmable (pulses or time-based control)
  • Badutronic 93 (autom. backflush valve from Speck)
  • 230 V solar pump or randomly programmable (pulses or time-based control)
  • Heating pump, locked via 230 V filter pump
  • Potential-free contact for heating
  • Potential-free contact (metering system)
  • Flow switch
  • Integrated water level Controller

Swimming pool control
BEHNCKE Control plus

BEHNCKE Control plus:
Premium swimming pool control unit for pools with an overflow gutter.

The BEHNCKE Control plus is an exclusive swimming pool control unit with a large, clear multifunction display and exceptionally user-friendly help menu.

A special feature of the BEHNCKE Control plus is its integrated ECO function, which prevents the temperature from dropping in water above the overflow gutter, making it an extremely useful tool for lowering energy costs.

The BEHNCKE Control plus is also equipped with a memory card (512 MB) for creating an operation log (10 months). Not only that, but the evaluation data from this log is compatible with PCs and notebooks.

Intelligence instead of effort - thanks to the innovative BEHNCKE Control plus.

  • Display of water and air temperature as well as various operating states
  • Filter runtime and electronic motor protection switch, max. 8.0 A
  • Backflushing and clear flushing control
  • Heating control with frost monitor, priority switching and after-run
  • Level control of gutter tanks using 5 probes
  • Gutter tank control
  • Energy efficiency control (saving or gutter operation)
  • Input for pool cover
  • Input for an external switch (floor drain, gutter tank, auto)
  • Output for measurement and control (230 V and potential-free)

Find out more about the BEHNCKE Control 1.2 and BEHNCKE Control plus swimming pool controls in our product data sheet:

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