Climbs up the walls with innovative IOT technology


Combines the best of the tried and tested Active and Scoop series in one product. In addition, the device comes with innovative IOT technology on board. This means that swimming pool owners benefit from exclusive services related to swimming pool cleaners.


  • Triple brush system with the Active Brush function
  • Swivel joint on the cable to prevent tangling
  • With a weekly timer and smartphone app
  • Variable cycle length (1.5/2/2.5 h)
  • Cleans the floor, walls and water line of your swimming pool
  • Specially developed software calculates the best possible route through the pool
  • Equipped with a caddy for safe transport, practical handling and storage
  • 36-month warranty

Technical details

Active Ultimate – technical data
Cable length 18 m
Weight 13 kg
Motor voltage 24 volts
Power supply Splash-water protection IP54
Input energy 230 VAC
Output energy 29 VDC