For swimming pools up to 60 m in length

The Dolphin WAVE 300 XL

Perfection even over long distances: the WAVE 300 XL is perfect for large commercial pools and Olympic-sized pools. There it provides surprises with its different functions, such as the automatic descent, which also makes the care and maintenance of large facilities much easier.


  • Cycle time is one to eight hours

  • Cable length 43 m

  • Weight 25 kg

  • With remote control

  • Automatic descent and ascent in the swimming pool

  • Signals the next maintenance date automatically

Technical details

Dolphin W 300 XL – technical data
UI Interactive digital user interface Automatic selection and cleaning modes
Navigation XL navigation system: accurate gyroscope and compass system as well as scanning modes
Brushes Dual active brushes and 4 side brushes ensure particularly intensive cleaning
Misc. Three-level filtration option for fine and coarse dirt