Maximum cleaning efficiency for pools up to 40 m in length

The Dolphin WAVE 200

A pool cleaner for larger swimming pools open to the public: the WAVE 200 reliably cleans everything up to 40 m in length. It is therefore very flexible to use and is also the ideal all-round cleaner for sports facilities or hotels with several pools.


  • Cycle time is one to eight hours
  • Cable length 35 m

  • Several scan patterns

  • Brushes rotate in two directions

  • Equipped with a caddy for safe transport, practical handling and storage

  • Swivel joint on the cable to prevent tangling

  • Cleans the pool floor

  • Signals the next maintenance date automatically

Technical details

Dolphin W 200 – technical data
Motors Two drive motors, split brushes
Filter Three-stage filter system for ultra-fine, medium and coarse dirt
Weight 24 kg
Brushes Rotating brushes turn 1.5 times faster than those on the robot, with two side brushes