For small to medium-sized swimming pools up to 30 m in length

The Dolphin WAVE 100

Flexible, fast and ready to meet any requirements in the hotel pool sector: the WAVE 100 is inexpensive and powerful and therefore the perfect partner for the requirements placed on hotel swimming pools.


  • Cleans the pool floor, corners, walls and the water line
  • Swivel joint on the cable to prevent tangling

  • Three-stage filter function
  • Cable length 30 m

  • Cycle time is four, six and eight hours

  • With remote control

  • Display indicating a full filter bag, operating delay

  • Equipped with a caddy for safe transport, practical handling and storage

Technical details

Dolphin W 100 – technical data
Motor Two drive motors, split brushes
Weight 12 kg
Speed 15m per minute