Pool cleaning with the multi-layer professional

The Scoop Comfort pool cleaner

This pool cleaner picks up everything: the Scoop Comfort pool cleaner can cope with ultra-fine, medium and coarse dirt without any problems with the multi-layer filter. Anyone wanting to transport it will learn to particularly appreciate the Fast Clean function. It can be used to quickly remove any residual water intake from the the device.


  • Active Brush function
  • Multi-layer filter
  • Fast Clean water drain function
  • Cycle length is three hours
  • Cleans the floor, walls and water line of your swimming pool
  • Specially developed software calculates the best possible route through the pool
  • Equipped with a caddy for safe transport, practical handling and storage, optionally available with power supply charging

Technical details

Pool cleaner Scoop Comfort – technical data
Speed 10 m/minute
Cable length 18 m
Weight 13,2 kg
Motor voltage 24 volts