This cleaning robot climbs the walls to ensure clean pools

The Comfort ACTIVE pool cleaner

It turns pool cleaning into a fun leisure activity: the Comfort ACTIVE is a flexible helper for pool cleaning. You can even use your smartphone to navigate it individually when cleaning the floor, walls and water line.


  • Triple brush system with the Active Brush function
  • With a smartphone app
  • Swivel joint on the cable to prevent tangling
  • Cycle length is three hours
  • Cleans the floor, walls and water line of your swimming pool
  • Specially developed software calculates the best possible route through the pool
  • Equipped with a caddy for safe transport, practical handling and storage

Technical details

Active Series Comfort – technical data
Cable length 18 m
Weight 11 kg
Motor voltage 24 Volt
Power supply splash-water protection IP54
Input power 230 VAC
Output power 29 VDC