Pool Cleaning

Automatic pool maintenance
with cleaning robots

Pool Cleaning from BEHNCKE

Pool cleaning robots exist so that you can spend more time in the pool than doing pool maintenance. The little helpers clean the floor and also the walls of any swimming pool depending on the model. BEHNCKE is the official distribution partner for Maytronics. The company based in Israel produces pool cleaners for the global market.

BEHNCKE offers Wave series pool cleaners supplied by Maytronics for swimming pools open to the public. From hotel pools to municipal outdoor pools and paddling pools to Olympic-sized swimming pools, the devices provide reliable cleaning and therefore take the burden off the relevant building services.

BENCHKE has a unique service throughout Germany for all the devices: we repair and maintain pool cleaning robots in the Maytronics service centre. No devices leave our premises after a repair without having successfully completed general testing in the test pool.


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