BEHNCKE skimmers for clean water

B 600 EVO

The B 600 EVO, for which BEHNCKE received the renowned German Innovation Award in 2018, has the service hatch integrated in the front flap and not in the upper part of the integrated part. This gives any pool owner complete freedom of design for the pool surround because there is no top service hatch for emptying the skimmer strainer basket. Due to its broad but not very deep inlet opening, the B 600 EVO can also be used in pools in where minimum water level edges need to be achieved. The large skimmer flap and its 2” inlet connection make the B 600 EVO very efficient: both details lead to an exceptionally high circulation rate. This means it can even be used in large swimming pools with no functional limitations. Like all other BEHNCKE skimmers, the B 600 EVO is also made of V4 steel (AISI 316) – guaranteeing a long service life.

Also available as…
BEHNCKE has various other skimmer models available (incl. accessories such as strainer inserts, inlet connections or with foil flanges depending on the model)

  • B 500 EVO
  • B 501 SLIM
  • B 601 SLIM
  • B 100
  • B 200
  • B 280
  • B 300
  • B 400/401

Technical details

B 600 EVO – technical data
Min. intake capacity 13 m³/h
Max. intake capacity 25 m³/h
External dimensions in mm (W x H x D 710 x 290 x 490
Inlet width 636 mm
Inlet opening 75 mm