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Integrated Parts from BEHNCKE

The best raw materials, crafted by experts: BEHNCKE stainless steel integrated parts for swimming pools from our own production in Putzbrunn near Munich are true premium products. We use high-quality raw materials, such as AISI 316 stainless steel, as base materials for skimmers, nozzles and many other products. This makes the finished products extremely durable and robust.

However, BEHNCKE integrated parts are real winners not just in terms of function but also when it comes to their visual appearance. The stainless steel details create real details in any pool regardless of the design of the pool surroundings. And no matter whether concrete, tiles or other materials have been used in the swimming pool – BEHNCKE stainless steel integrated parts can be used in a variety of applications and make a real statement everywhere – because good style is in the detail.


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Integrated Parts

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Skimmer – B 600 EVO

Inlet Nozzles

Floor Drains

Underwater Spotlights

Wall Transitions

Metering Water Intake Systems

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