Our all-rounder

The HKR heat pump

It extracts heat from the air and transfers it to the water from an outdoor temperature as low as 7 °C: the HKR heat pump can start the pool season earlier and end it later due to its sophisticated design. But that is not enough: its titanium heat exchanger is non-corrosive and whisper-quiet due to the sophisticated fan design and the use of brand name compressors.


  • The pump extracts heat from the ambient air and releases it into the swimming pool water with high efficiency
  • Factory guaranteed operating range between + 5 °C and + 35 °C

Technical details

HKR – technical data
Net weight from 55 kg (HKS 90 R) to 132 kg (HKS 300 VS) depending on the model
Pool size with cover approx. 30-50 m2 (HKS 90 R) to 100-120 m2 (HKS 300 VS)
Heating power 8,5 kW (HKS 90 R) to 25 kW (HKS 300 VS)
Power consumption 7,9 A (HKS 90 R) to 9,5 A (HKS 300 VS)

*(All values at an air temperature of + 19 °C and a pool temperature of 27 °C)