BEHNCKE electric heat exchangers – such as the EWT 80-40

EWT 80-40

Our range of electric heat exchangers has grown steadily over time. All our BEHNCKE quality requirements and the best materials used have one thing in common. We will present one model as an example here, the EWT 80-40, so that you can learn more about our heat exchangers.


  • Heat exchanger made of AISI 316 stainless steel or titanium
  • Heating element made of Incoloy 825
  • BEHNCKE electric heat exchanger models are also available in special voltages (single-phase, two-phase)

Technical details

EWT 80-40 – technische Daten
Thermostat With a control thermostat 0-40 °C and a pressure switch as a low water indicator (switch-on pressure approx. 0.1 bar, switch-off pressure approx. 0.06 bar)
Sleeves With two combined sleeves (thread 1½” x NW 50) and a stainless steel bracket
Power 1,5 kW – 230 V
3 kW – 400 V