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The TYP 7010/7050 tank

Our partners appreciate our solutions that we can fully tailor to their individual needs. Our production can also fulfil special customer wishes when supplying filters, such as the TYPE 7010/7050 – please feel free to contact us.

Facts about transport

  • Four V2A stud bolts with eye nuts are firmly cast on the upper base to facilitate crane transport
  • Split filter tanks with on-site lamination

Facts about production

  • Top and bottom base in a basket arch shape
  • Cylindrical shell with an additional thermoplastic outer lining, which is physically bonded to the laminate underneath. This provides complete abrasion resistance against the filter medium

  • Nozzle base is physically bonded to the brim of the lower base
  • The nozzle base support is made of a solid PVC rod with a 60 mm diameter and support tubes
  • The hydrolysis-resistant nozzle holes are integrated in an all-plastic nozzles base with self-venting and replaceable air cushion tubular nozzles

Facts about dimensions

TYP 7010/7050 Versions
Version A Version B
Total bulk height 1200 mm 1500 mm
Shell height 1700 mm 2000 mm

Both variants are also available as ozone-resistant alternatives

On request you will receive

  • Customised colour in any RAL tone at an extra charge
  • Delivery ex-stock
  • Reduced or extended installation height
  • Special version with up to 10 bar operating pressure