One of the best-selling BEHNCKE filters for hotel swimming pools

The Goslar² tank

Crystal clear water for discerning guests: every hotel swimming pool has the best filter support with the Goslar2. The high-quality BEHNCKE workmanship creates the best conditions for a particularly long filter life and consequently a rapid return on investment.

The filtration performance and efficiency can be further optimised by means of special multi-layer filtration based on activated carbon adsorption.

Facts about production

  • Made of polyester resin with internal sealing – optionally available as an ozone-resistant quality
  • Service hatch at the top (220 mm diameter), large lateral service hatch (280 x 450 mm) and inspection glass (150 x 50mm)
  • Raw water internal piping reinforced with a counter bearing

Required filtration media: high-efficiency glass filter medium, sand according to DIN EN 12904, anthracite H (lignite coke) according to DIN EN 12909

Facts about dimensions

Goslar² tank – technical data
Size ø 600 mm ø 800 mm ø 1000 mm ø 1200 mm
Diameter ø 620 mm ø 825 mm ø 1020 mm ø 1230 mm
Height 2150 mm 2180 mm 2250 mm 2420 mm
Weight empty (est.) 84 kg 163 kg 232 kg 400 kg
Filter power 30 m/h 9 m³/h 15 m³/h 24 m³/h 34 m³/h
Filter power 50 m/h 14 m³/h 25 m³/h 39 m³/h 57 m³/h
Operating pressure 2,5 bar 2,5 bar 2,5 bar 2,5 bar
Test pressure 3,575 bar 3,575 bar 3,575 bar 3,575 bar


The Goslar2 is available in two versions:

  • Total bulk height 1200 mm – shell height 1700 mm

  • Total bulk height 1500 mm – shell height 2000 mm

The Goslar² system

Facts about production

  • Equipped with a filter pump and backwash pump (at 30 m/h flow rate)
  • Equipped with a 3″ manual backwash valve (only on 630 mm and 840 mm diameter)
  • Backwash fittings are not stuck
  • Differential pressure gauge station at an extra charge
  • A manual DN 125 switch panel (on 1,050 mm and 1,260 mm diameter)
  • Two ball valves for shutting off the pumps (on the pressure side)

Facts about the technical equipment

  • Max. operating temperature 40 degrees, max. operating pressure 2.5 bar


Size Height
600 mm diameter 2150 mm
800 mm diameter 2180 mm
1000 mm diameter 2250 mm
1200 mm diameter 2420 mm