Unrivalled filtration expertise and extremely low operating costs The EURO 2002 offers certified quality standards for all requirements in public institutions

The EURO 2002 tank

It is essential that contacts in municipal institutions are capable of making smart calculations when making new investments. Anyone responsible for fitting out or updating a swimming pool can put their skills to the test with the EURO 2002.

Facts about production

  • Made of glass fibre reinforced polyester resin with internal sealing and a homogeneous inner wall – optionally available as an ozone-resistant version
  • The external sealing can be done in any RAL colour at an extra charge
  • With a nozzle base
  • Spotlights can be integrated at an extra charge
  • Oval service hatch in the top and bottom tank base

Facts about the technical equipment

  • Max. operating temperature 40 degrees, max. operating pressure 2.5 bar

Facts about dimensions

EURO 2002 Versions
Version A Version B
Total bulk height 1200 mm 1500 mm
Shell height 1700 mm 2000 mm