Crystal clear water with minimal use
of chemicals thanks to BEHNCKE filters

The BEHNCKE Filters

We use physics to reduce the use of chemicals as much as possible. A sophisticated pool management system designed by BEHNCKE is based on this simple recipe: with aquavision ©, you can make sure that your entire pool functions perfectly. Water treatment that satisfies every requirement is a key aspect for optimum swimming enjoyment. Pool owners are therefore well advised to rely on BEHNCKE filter technology.

No matter what size of swimming pool you are aiming for: BEHNCKE supplies suitable filters or even the entire system and the basis for optimised, resource-efficient filtration. Our filters work with a special, highly efficient glass filter medium and are based on the so-called Dryden Aqua Integrated Systems. Green recycling glass granules play a key role in the filtration and precipitation of different particulate matter in the water during the respective cleaning process. A BEHNCKE filter cleans the used water without virtually any chemicals through the use of physical processes. The valves in the system also lower the water consumption.


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