Equipped with a higher filter bed, the BÜHNE3 tank is the entry level model of premium class water treatment.


Filter tanks and systems

The products in the BÜHNE3 series impress in every aspect: power, functional safety and efficiency. When compared to the DRESDEN3 series, this mid-range model provides great value for money with useful technical extra features. A typical BEHNCKE filter “made in Germany”!

BÜHNE3 – clever extra features

  • Narrow tank base with a low height of just 1.25 m
  • With large lateral service hatch
  • Carrying out maintenance work and replacing the high-efficiency glass filter material is made very easy
  • Large service hatch at the top Ø 300 mm at all filters
  • With a large lateral service hatch of Ø 220 mm

Technical Data

High-layer-filter tank BÜHNE3
Size and height ø 500×1120 mm ø 600×1130 mm ø 750×1240 mm
Outer diameter ø 525 mm ø 625 mm ø 780 mm
Connection* D 50 / 1 1/2“ D 50 / 1 1/2“ D 63 / 2“
Filter surface 0,20 m² 0,28 m² 0,45 m²
Weight (approx.) 38 kg 43 kg 55 kg

*Supplied connection fitting with adhesive sleeves

High-layer filter system BÜHNE3
Size x volume flow* Ø 500 mm x 10 m3/h Ø 500 mm x 10 m3/h Ø 600 mm x 14 m3/h Ø 600 mm x 14 m3/h Ø 750 mm x 25 m3/h Ø 750 mm x 25 m3/h
Voltage 230 Volt 400 Volt 230 Volt 400 Volt 230 Volt 400 Volt
Power (P1) 0,65 kW 0,63 kW 0,97 kW 0,75 kW 1,85 kW 1,62 kW

* Volume flow was calculated using a pump output of 5mWS, considering DIN EN 16713 with of a flow rate of ≤ 50m/h
Information: In=indoor pool, pool recirculation of 6h; Au=outdoor pool, pool recirculation of 4hThe system dimensions differ from the container dimensions.