The filter solution for the most stringent requirements


Filter tanks and systems

The innovative BEHNCKE functional filter technology with a high filter bed reduces not only energy consumption but also the use of chemicals. Especially in combination with highly efficient glass filter material, this filter achieves maximum results—for healthy and clean water. BERLIN3 is the first choice for exacting swimming pool owners.

BERLIN3 – premium meets optimum

  • Particularly high filter bed for better filtration results, in particular when using AFM® filter material
  • Thanks to a large service hatch at the top and an additional lateral service hatch, BERLIN3 is particularly easy maintenance.
  • Large service hatch at the top of Ø 300 mm
  • Large lateral service hatch of Ø 220 mm

Technical Data

High-layer-filter tank BERLIN3
Size and height ø 500×1480 mm ø 600×1450 mm ø 750×1500 mm
Outer diameter ø 525 mm ø 625 mm ø 780 mm
Connection* D 50 / 1 1/2“ D 63 / 2“ D 63 / 2“
Filter surface 0,20 m² 0,28 m² 0,45 m²
Weight (approx.) 42 kg 44 kg 61 kg

* Supplied connection fitting with adhesive sleeves

High-layer-filter system BERLIN3
Size x volume flow* Ø 500 mm x 10 m3/h Ø 500 mm x 100 m3/h Ø 600 mm x 14 m3/h Ø 600 mm x 14 m3/h Ø 750 mm x 25 m3/h
Voltage 230 Volt 400 Volt 230 Volt 400 Volt 400 Volt
Power (P1) 0,69 kW 0,63 kW 0,87 kW 0,75 kW 1,62 kW

* Volume flow was calculated using a pump output of 5mWS, considering DIN EN 16713 with of a flow rate of ≤ 50m/h
Information: In=indoor pool, pool recirculation of 6h; Au=outdoor pool, pool recirculation of 4hThe system dimensions differ from the container dimensions.