always one idea ahead

Working at BEHNCKE

Tradition and progress: these two apparent opposites are combined effortlessly at BEHNCKE GmbH. The company has been in family ownership for three generations and there are many colleagues who have celebrated their long years of service in style. At the same time, “Always one step ahead” is more than just an advertising slogan for BEHNCKE GmbH. Colleagues work together in teams to develop products and receive prestigious awards for their work, such as the German Innovation Award 2018. We have a contemporary and pragmatic approach to the work-life balance for BEHNCKE colleagues, which is tailored to the specific needs of each individual. And anyone spending a full day working in the company is entitled to a pleasant atmosphere. We have a specially created task force for this – the BEHNCKE feel-good management.

Behncke in detail

  • More than 100 colleagues of all ages
  • Two sites

  • In-house training in three professions

Training at BEHNCKE

The BEHNCKE trainees are always one idea ahead from the outset. The company provides training in a total of three professions: budding metalworkers, warehouse operatives and industrial clerks can acquire their know-how at BEHNCKE. The young employees from the metalworking trade have two of a total of four BEHNCKE foremen on hand as a point of contact. The budding industrial clerks have an experienced BEHNCKE manager from the commercial sector as their respective supervisor to answer any training-related questions.

Anyone who has learned the BEHNCKE quality standards from the outset has great potential. And BEHNCKE GmbH also takes advantage of this more frequently than other companies. After the successful completion of their training, the long-established company from Putzbrunn is also a reliable partner for their subsequent working life.

The following individuals have made a career at the company following their training at BEHNCKE

Peter Sellmer
Peter SellmerMetalworker
Training to become a metalworker
completed in January 2018
Nicolas Christ
Nicolas ChristExport administrator
Training to become an industrial clerk
completed in June 2016
Philipp Brummer
Philipp BrummerEmployee in the engineering department
Training to become an industrial clerk
completed in May 2017
Christoph Walters
Christoph WaltersPurchasing manager
Training to become an industrial clerk
completed in January 1999
Nicklas Laurenz
Nicklas LaurenzMetalworker
Training to become a metalworker
completed in January 2018
Other new colleagues
Other new colleagues Our Team is constantly growing
BEHNCKE is always happy to welcome new colleagues
of all ages and with various professional backgrounds.