always one idea ahead

BEHNCKE GmbH: “Always one idea ahead” for over 70 years

Traditionally forward-thinking: BEHNCKE GmbH has been a constant driving force for the consistent advancement of new development since it was founded in 1946. The company is still in family ownership to this day and the third generation continue to manage the legacy of the company founder Hans-Jürgen Behncke.

The claim of being “always one idea ahead” is much more than “just” a slogan for BEHNCKE GmbH. In fact it demonstrates the winning formula for its success in Germany and abroad over the decades. Here, we highlight the history of BEHNCKE GmbH.

Behncke in figures

  • Over 70 years on the market
  • Still in family ownership to this day
  • In-house product development
  • Numerous patents


Hans-Jürgen Behncke founded the company BEHNCKE Elektro-Stahlbau in Putzbrunn, Germany. The grandfather of the current BEHNCKE directors primarily produced everyday necessities back then, such as pots and oil burners. However, he was a legendary product developer who turned so many of his ideas into reality in his warehouse – from the initial study to series production. The development of an amphibious camping trailer is still remembered to this day. The ingenuity of the company founder and his appreciation for craft work with the highest quality standards are values that BEHNCKE still focuses on over 70 years later.


Hans-Jürgen’s son Michael founded the company BEHNCKE Energiespartechnik. From its first year, the company sold energy-saving water and heating technology – ideal for the energy-efficient operation of swimming pools. Some of the patents registered back then are still valid today. And to this day, BEHNCKE still benefits from decades of experience in the production of energy-efficient products. From 1978, both fields were combined in the newly founded company BEHNCKE Schwimmbad- und Wärmetechnik.


BEHNCKE began to build and expand its second site in Bühne (Saxony-Anhalt). A former agricultural cooperative was transformed into the production and logistics centre for glass fibre reinforced plastic filter technology. Every individual filter from a small all-rounder to a very large tailor-made solutions passes through the hands of BEHNCKE colleagues on site.


Stephanie Behncke took over the management of the company in its third generation. Five years later, BEHNCKE acquired a new corporate and administration building and the oldest daughter of Michael Behncke became Mrs Behncke-Weber. Together with her sister Caroline Behncke-Wild and husband Markus Weber, they have controlled the fortunes of the BEHNCKE company to this day.


BEHNCKE was presented with the renowned Germany Innovation Award in the “Excellence in Business to Business” category. The judging panel gave BEHNCKE GmbH the award for the special design of the B 600 EVO skimmer – the front service hatch, making the recess for the cleaning hatch on the pool surround redundant, impressed the high-profile panel. Anyone wanting to remain at the forefront of swimming pool technology for decades like BEHNCKE GmbH must always be a driving force in the development of their own business sector. Or as we would sway: “Always one idea ahead”