25.04.15 - Roadshow in the Europapark Rust

View over the pool edge

For the 21st time, the companies Behncke, Schmalenberger, Eichenwald and Rollo Solar held a roadshow. In Europapark Rust - alongside pool robots and polycarbonate louvres - it was all about generation Y, technical future trends and largescale world politics.

The 21st Roadshow on 24 and 25 February in Rust, Baden was intended to be not only the largest ever, with around 75 participants, but also the most thematically diverse event.

The four manufacturers had agreed in advance not only to cover new topics alongside traditional swimming pool topics. The result was an exciting range of topics that extended from the rapidly changing buying habits of different generations to technology trends, such as the Internet of Things, through to a discussion of the current political climate.

As a guest speaker, the organisers succeeded in acquiring member of parliament Florian Hahn, who gave an insight into his work in the political coalition which is not always easy.

Click here for the full article (PDF) in Schwimmbad & Sauna magazine:
Schwimmbad & Sauna 5/6-2015 - Roadshow im Europapark Rust


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