15.04.15 - The big stage for filters made in Germany

In recent years, BEHNCKE GmbH has made significant investment to continue optimising its filter production in Bühne/Sachsen-Anhalt. Speaking to us, Managing Director Markus Weber explains why quality and craftsmanship simply can't be had for free. And why German workmanship is so highly regarded internationally.

In the middle of the Harz region of Germany, where Sachsen-Anhalt borders the Goslar area, is the small village of Bühne. First one comes across a turkey farm, followed by a large production facility - two huge, blue containers in front of the hall reassures me that BEHNCKE filter production must be here.

Click here for the full article (PDF) in Schwimmbad & Sauna magazine:
Schwimmbad & Sauna 5/6-2015 - The big stage for filters made in Germany


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