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Quality made in Germany - since 1946

Made in Germany: For our customers this slogan is a promise, and for BEHNCKE GmbH as a third generation family-owned company it is also a promise. Sustainable company growth instead of short-term thinking: Following these principles, our company has been in existence for almost seven decades and has celebrated some key market successes. Some selected key points in our company's history are given below:

  • 1946 – Formation of BEHNCKE Elektro-Stahlbau by Hans-Jürgen Behncke
    The creative entrepreneur develops various products in a warehouse ready for series production to then manufacture them in-house. The successful product range covers household devices to textile machines through to camping trailers, oil burners and underground garages. Two years later, the firm's own office building in Putzbrunner Wernher-von-Braun-Straße has been built. This is followed shortly thereafter by two new production halls.
  • 1970 – Foundation of BEHNCKE Energiespartechnik by Michael Behncke
    The offering: energy-saving water and heating technology in stainless steel with heat exchangers, filter vessels and high quality swimming pool components. Even today some of the patents registered at that time are still valid. With entrepreneurial foresight, Michael Behncke expanded production to include the stainless steel field such as heat exchangers, filter containers and swimming pool components. These stainless steel parts still produced today in proven quality at the same location.
  • 1978 – Foundation of BEHNCKE Schwimmbad- und Wärmetechnik GmbH
    The result is the same today: high synergistic performance in the field of water treatment and swimming pool Technology.
  • 1993 - Acquisition of an agricultural holding at Bühne, Sachsen-Anhalt by Michael Behncke and conversion to production and logistics centre for glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP)
    The goal: the expansion of GRP production with modern production methods for the efficient production of large filter containers. 
  • 1993-1994 and 1998-1999 - Construction of additional production and storage facilities at the Bühne site
  • 1998 - Expansion of the traditional steel structure production at the Putzbrunn site by processing glass fibre reinforced plastic
  • 2000 - Foundation of BEHNCKE GmbH headquartered in Putzbrunn and transfer of the headquarters of BEHNCKE Schwimmbad- und Wärmetechnik GmbH to Bühne, Sachsen-Anhalt
  • 2002 - Takeover of management by Stephanie Behncke-Weber after  Michael Behncke leaves the company due to illness
    BEHNCKE GmbH is now a third genertion Family company.
  • 2007 - Relocation to the new office and administration building in Putzbrunn and merger of BEHNCKE GmbH and BEHNCKE Schwimmbad- und Wärmetechnik GmbH
    The new company leadership trio consists of Stephanie Behncke-Weber, Caroline Behncke-Wild and Markus Weber. The new company is registered under the name BEHNCKE GmbH.

    Today: BEHNCKE GmbH operates across Europe in the field of complex water technology and heating and is expanding constantly and worldwide.